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Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan was recently denied bail and taken into custody after breaking probation by failing a pair of drug tests following her release from rehab. And you know what this means, don’t you? More lesbian prison sex! And it’s not just the inmates who’ll be munching each other’s rug. Heck, the prison guards are joining in on the action! Lindsay shows that she can be a damn hungry vixen in real life as she takes on some of the luckiest guards in the penitentiary system inside her jail cell while they pump some hard male meat into her gaping love holes, and we have these hardcore photos to prove it!

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Thank the heavens and someone has leaked these photos and now we get to see this bad girl having the time of her life fucking with every jailguard she wants until they fill her up with their precious cum cargo. Be a witness to Lindsay Lohan’s kinky prison sexcapades as she gets it on with these dudes inside jail with a variety of hot, sizzling images of one-on-one sex that is guaranteed to set your pants on fire! See our huge collection of her naughty hardcore Lindsay Lohan prison sex pictures we have compiled for all of you Lindsay fans out there.

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We’re all familiar with Lindsay Lohan.  She’s the former child star with absolutely amazing potential who fucked it all up and ended up a tabloid spectacle, boozing it all away and being known more for her lesbian girlfriend than any recent film role.  In short, she’s our kind of gal, don’t you think so?  That’s why we enjoy all these Lindsay Lohan Porn Pictures that keep popping up because they highlight Lindsay’s best qualities — how to be a cockloving (and twat-loving) slut!

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Lindsay Lohan Porn Pictures

Lindsay Lohan is still as hot and controversial as ever and the pictures, gossips and other scandals just keeps on popping out ever since she made headlines with her reckless stint that made her one of Hollywood’s wild child alongside Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Indeed Lindsay is such a babe and now that the paparazzis are hounding her wherever this Parent Trap star is and now there are hundreds or even thousands of Lindsay Lohan pictures floating in cyberspace but we have some of the steamiest and hottest pictures of her that you won’t find anywhere else and we have gathered them for your viewing pleasure as we give you Lindsay Lohan Porn Pictures.

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Lindsay Punks Out An Olsen Twin AND Gets Drunk

It’s the moment that Lindsay-haters and Lohan-watchers have been waiting for, and probably expecting. On April 19, a Saturday night, Lindsay Lohan fell off the wagon and got drunk on Grey Goose and Red Bull cocktails while partying until the wee hours at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone in New York.

“Close friend” DJ Samantha Ronson was spinning at the club that night, and Lindsay was reportedly upset because Ronson was concentrating on work and “was ignoring her”, according to Lohan. That may have contributed to Lindsay’s return to hitting the bottle until she was in a drunken stupor, so soon after declaring that she would stay sober after leaving rehab.

According to People magazine, Lohan was boozing it up at the Manhattan hot spot until she lost her balance and collapsed onto the floor. She was next seen afterwards in a car outside the club, with her eyes closed and her hand to her head, barely conscious at 4:15 in the morning.

It was definitely an eventful weekend for our favourite tabloid target, and it may have started Friday night too, when Ashley Olsen approached Ronson at the Beatrice Inn in New York to say hello. Lindsay reportedly screamed at her, “Get your 15-year-old ‘Full House’ ass away from my girlfriend!”

What I wouldn’t give to see a full-tilt smackdown between two hot lipstick lesbian party girls like these two! Now THAT would be any tabloid’s dream scoop.


Lindsay And Dad Not On Speaking Terms Again

Lindsay’s parents are almost as wacko as Lindsay herself, so you know who’s partly to blame for Lindsay’s self-destructive behaviour. Michael, Lindsay’s father, has a history of drug and alcohol abuse, and has been in jail many times for a range of offenses. Lindsay has distanced herself from him before, but they had a brief rapprochement after her last rehab stint.

That reunion however, now appears to be over. Lindsay is reportedly furious that Michael was once again contacting the press to talk about her and spread untrue stories. A friend of Lindsay’s stated “Lindsay was never going to do anything he said she was, like going to India. He’s gone crazy again.”

Lindsay will be coming to New York tomorrow but it won’t be to visit her ailing paternal grandparents. “They have never been kind to her,” the friend added. Lohan will most likely be at a party at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone to see her gal pal and roommate Samantha Ronson spin.


Lindsay And Samantha Ronson Moving In Together?

Britney Spears’ dad currently has her locked down tight at home, and his watching over her with an eagle eye, which is what fathers should do. But with Lindsay Lohan, both parents are just about as undisciplined and problematic as she is, so that kind of tactic won’t work for her. Or will it?

Celebrity DJ and close La Lohan gal pal Samantha Ronson has reportedly taken it upon herself to act as Lindsay’s minder on her road back to sobriety, practically moving in with Lindsay and spending every night at Lindsay’s place, even though she has a place of her own. It’s a valiant effort to try and get this once-promising actress back on the road to respectability, and I’d like to volunteer my services as back up during those “sleepovers” if Ronson finds herself too busy one night.

Lindsay and Samantha Ronson have long been rumoured to be more than just friends, with Lindsay creating a Facebook profile under the name “Lindsay Ronson” at one time.


Former Bodyguard Sues Lohan

David Kim says he once worked as a bodyguard for celebrity paparazzi-magnet Lindsay lohan, and has now launched a lawsuit against her for unpaid fees regarding services rendered. He is seeking $55,000 as compensation.

Mr. Kim filed his complaint at the Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging breach of oral contract, fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and assorted state labor violations, all of which supposedly occurred in his five months of employment with Lohan.

Kim said he was hired by Lohan’s Crossheart Productions back in October 2006 at the rate of $4,000 a week round-the-clock or $2,800 a week for night shift duty. He then went on to provide protection from fans and paparazzi, served as on-call chauffeur, and even helped in securing VIP tables at concerts and clubs for Lohan and her friends.

He then asserts that all those extra services set him back $10,000 of his own money for mileage incurred, various tips, and other expenses. He then said he resigned in March 2007 after sensing that he might not be able to collect on the overdue paydays.

Lohan meanwhile, claims she never employed, or even knew, the bodyguard. Well, that should be easy enough to check. With a client as high-profile as Lindsay, there’s got to be scores of people who’ve noticed him around. Maybe a stray shot of him in the background of a Lohan photo is out there on the net right now!